The Campaign team for Audri Scott Williams met in Eufaula on June 14, 2017, to discuss our campaign strategies, roles and responsibilities, and to hear more from the candidate, Audri Scott Williams.

Elizabeth Campbell from Seattle was our visiting consultant and brought good questions and incites regarding our campaign from a national perspective.

Karen Sterling, acting Campaign Manager, grounded us by providing election statistics from previous District 2 Congressional campaigns. She also offered ideas for moving forward as a campaign team.

Antwan Hillsman, Communications Director, provided incite on political issues; positions and strategies to assist us in fine tuning our campaign platform.

Karen Hunter Watson, Administrative Coordinator for Audri, discussed activities (past and present), outcomes and provided future campaign dates that are on the calendar.

Hunter Brannon, Social Media Director, discussed ideas for creating a social media strategy for the campaign and discussed “Net Neutrality” – its implications for our campaign internet security.

Herschal Gaston, Risk Management Director, spoke about security for the candidate and the team, as well as, cybersecurity.

Audri expressed her appreciation for each member of the team. She summed up the focus forward: (1) Outreach to each of the 15 counties in District 2; (2) Fundraising; (3) meeting with key members of the Democratic Party and organizations — statewide and in each county; (4) learning the numbers regarding our field of potential voters; (5) Creating the “WE Are the Change” movement for the campaign.