Audri Scott Williams, Global Trustee for URI (United Religions Initiative), former U.S. Army Reservist, former Dean at Charles County Community College, Author, World Peace Walker, and activist has declared her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in the state of Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District.

She is a mother of three sons, a grandmother of 14, and is in a loving relationship with her life partner of 15 years. She has been a servant of the people locally, nationally, and internationally for over three decades, and by seeking change at the grassroots, she has committed herself to making a difference in Alabama — and the nation — at this critical time in our country’s history. Her internationally renowned service speaks to the range of her work as she’s fought against religious persecution of Christians, Jews and Muslims in foreign countries, served with distinction in our nation’s armed forces, committed herself to civic engagement through activism and stayed firm to the principles of faith, community, equality and family which have guided her life.

When her mentor and Civil Rights Movement luminary Amelia Platts Boynton Robinson passed, Mrs. Robinson left with her a responsibility to freedom and to justice that’s absent in the abandonment of affordable healthcare for our sick and our seniors; that’s overlooked in the curtailing of voting rights and civil rights for fellow citizens; and that’s unmet in an environment that’s made low wages for working people, underfunded public schools, and impossible student debt normal. “I’m running because we’ve been neglected by politicians who’ve placed party interests before public interests,” Williams says. “We’ve been neglected by those in power who looked away from the lost factories and underpaying jobs, who turned a blind eye to rising premiums and the return of preexisting conditions, who let our veterans languish in conditions that are beneath their service, and who’ve normalized the lack of accountability in Washington.“

“I stand with ordinary people,” Williams continues, “who are willing to do the extraordinary work necessary to create an Alabama, and a nation, where prosperity and the benefits of entrepreneurship aren’t just concentrated with the few. I stand with those who believe, as I do, that the promise of an Alabama where all are equal has to be more than just words.”

Audri Scott Williams believes that the demands of the political moment rest on a vision of America, and of leadership, that sees its fulfillment in the participation and empowerment of the disempowered. She believes that, in order to lead, she must join her voice to yours and organize together for an Alabama and a future that’s worthy of our children and of America’s promise. Her campaign seeks to amplify and join those who believe in more jobs and better pay, those who believe in opportunity, those who think civil rights and justice are fundamental to our democracy, and who think our people deserve more than to go bankrupt for medical care that should be affordable.

Audri will be a Democratic candidate for the 2018 elections for Congress in the State of Alabama. She has been a servant of the people at a grassroots level locally, nationally and internationally for over three decades. She has received numerous awards for her service to humanity, including a “Service to Humanity” award from President William Clinton.